About us


Carba is a simple group of car buying guru come together and provide knowledge to our clients.  It is not alway about the $$.  Those that use our service will understand what we provide.

Our Senior Consultant Lavin are always happy to help.

and Customer Support Ryan knows many brands.

Why wait?  Connect with Carba and see how it works for you.

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©2020 by carba.com.au. Proudly created with Wix.com.  Carba® ABN 77 353 355 041 is not a licensed motor dealer.

Carba do not provide any financial advice to loan or insurance products, and we do not own any listed vehicles.

If our represented client proceed with the purchase of a motor vehicle, a contract will be offered by the licensed motor dealer

in Australia supplying compliance vehicles.  Carba is not liable for any financial liability or anyone suffering lost within agreed contract.

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